Print Your Own Family Heirloom

Everybody has those family heirlooms that they cherish. That they fight over. That they argue with their sister about because, come on, everyone knows that Great-Grandma promised that ring to youYou were her favourite, you were the one who visited her and read to her, and now your sister is stepping in and–

Anyway, one of the amazing opportunities that 3D printing offers is the ability to create replicas of priceless antiques, down to the tiniest detail! No arguing over who gets your great-great grandmothers ring, because everyone can have one of their very own. That necklace that’s been on your dad’s side of the family for generations that you’ve been pretending you didn’t lose for the last few months? You can recreate every single link in the chain. And, in doing so, you and every member of your family can share that sense of belonging and connection to the past.

And you can also personalize your antiques. You and you sister don’t want to wear the exact same ring (because, as the first sentence made clear, there’s some tension there). Your eyes are green, her eyes are blue; perfect. You can each have a ring that compliments your eyes. Your great-grandmother’s ring, to be exact. And believe me, those 3D printers are exact.


But that’s not all. You can recreate your dad’s action figure that you left in the driveway when you were eight, only for it to be run over. The medallion that your grandpa lost in WWII can hang on your chest. Or, maybe, the medals that were pinned to some of the greatest military figure in history. Anything is possible with 3D printing.

Learn more about the amazing work being done on 3D printed heirloom jewelry here!

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