The Power of a Shower Nozzle

Any teacher can tell you that, as the school year winds down, it becomes a bit more difficult to keep the kids’ attention. Art teacher Mr. Spencer recently had the opportunity to show his class a 3D printer, making a shower nozzle that wowed his students!

Image via FastCoExist

Mr. Spencer says:

“The printers are the talk of the school! These tools have reignited conversation and imagination in the waning days of the school year–not an easy thing to do!”

It’s not just Mr. Spencer who has fallen in love with 3D printing in the classroom. Leapfrog, a leading educational company, has recently added a page looking at their 3D printing initiatives. It’s not just elementary schools either! With 3D printing revolutionizing the way that we look at manufacturing, high schools, universities and technical colleges are starting to see the value in educating their students on 3D printing.

The shower head is just one of the things that could be part of shop classes in the future. 3D printing will also make it possible for students who are more visual learners to see physical models, to learn from the a physical representation of an idea. It allows small children to experiment and make mistakes with a safety net. And, with the speed of innovation, it will become more and more important that people learn to keep up with changes in their environment.

3D printing provides students with the opportunity to solve real-world problems in low risk setting. It lets you design a product and fix the mistakes before production. 3D printing lets people react and respond to real world problems. To troubleshoot and create, to make mistakes in a program before they make them in a product.

Have you – or your kids – had any experience with 3D printing in school? Let us know in the comments!

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