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Five Interesting 3D Printing Websites

Instructables Robot

Instructables Robot

My intention for today’s post is to not just show you new places to download files, but also, I want to give you some websites that are just plain fun and not limited to just downloading a file and having your printer spit out a design.

In today’s blog I take a quick look at 5 websites that are not just design repositories, though most do warehouse files. Each website has its own flair such as a place to sell your designs or find a broken household item or you may even send in your broken item and have a design created! Another site includes many projects which are not limited to 3D printing and one¬†is included because it has a great beginner’s guide to 3D Printing.

So! On with the show!!

Threeding is a repository of 3D designs. Some are free and others must be purchased. If you have moved to the next level in your 3D printing hobby and are learning to draw and print your own 3D designs, why not make a bit of money for your efforts? Threeding is a great place to find new designs, but also sale a few, too!

Kazzata is a slightly different type of repository. They not only specialize in maintaining a repository of spare household parts, but if you break something, for instance a knob on your dryer, you can send it to them and they will duplicate it and send the new printed knob back to you, fixed of course!. If you are designing your own prints, this is another place where you can find paying customers. Kazzata will hook you up with customers needing knobs, handles, etc.

Google’s The SIMPLE 3D Printables Search Engine is a really cool search engine. You put into the search window an object you are searching for and this site will pull from it huge wealth of websites and display a menagerie of models and designs from a vast amount of website repositories. It’s like one stop shopping for your 3D object for the entire internet!

Instructables is not just a 3D printing site, but a tinkerer’s site! There are projects from sewing, woodworking, 3D printing, cooking, crochet, and much more. This is a website for the entire family! The great thing about these projects is each one has step by step instructions with pictures and drawings explaining the steps of the project…hence, the website name, Instructables!

3D Printer Plans has limited plans for download, however, they do have a very nice online manual for 3D printing beginners. Also, they maintain an extensive list of desktop 3D printers which is kept up to date. One section, Build Logs, has extensively documented 3D printed projects. Currently, they only have two logs, but with time this will grow. Be sure to check out their “Links” page!

So, there you go! Five interesting and fun websites to explore and from which to learn. I’m confident that everyone will be able to find something interesting to do this weekend!

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