New and Cool Products For Your Home 3D Printer!

Augmented Reality
Have you wondered how your 3D design might appear in the real world? In the past the only way to visualize your piece in its environment was to actually print it on a 3D printer and place the model in its place. Well, not anymore! There is an app, Augmented Reality, for iOS and Android that uses your phone or tablet’s camera and allows you to take various type 3D files (STL, Blend, 3DS, and Collada) and see how they will appear in the real world before you actually print them! How cool is that? The app uses a target image that must be printed on your ink jet or laser printer and when placed in an appropriate position (where you want to see your 3D file rendered) you can view your object on your device as you point your phone/tablet’s camera at the marker and see how it would appear in reality! Read more about this neat app.

Smooth Prints Ahead!
Are you tired of the layers of ridges on your newly finished 3D print? Coming soon the Makeraser will solve this problem as well as the Makelastic that can completely transform your plastic creation into a flexible object! Makeraser is a large magic marker type device with a chemical solution that smooths the tiny ridges left behind from additive manufacturing (3D printing). On the other hand, the Makelastic is a container with a liquid solution in which you submerge your print into and it transforms your creation into a very flexible print! If you are interested you can find more information at this website  or the Makeraser website.

Stick It To Your Build Plate!
Do you have a hard time getting your PLA and ABS to stick to your build plate when you first start a new print? Well, if so, then you will love GeckoTek. This is a future reasonably priced product that will help to eliminate the need for Kapton or Blue Painter’s tape. It works well with PLA and if you have a heated build plate will work with ABS. Accordingly, the young startup entrepreneurs have developed an easy to install (just drop in place) plate that lays over your current build plate and is covered with a specially formulated coating which creates tight bonds with extruded plastics. If you are interested in their product you can find them on Kickstarter  or you can read about them or watch a brief video on the product here .

Yet, Another Print Smoothing Device!
If you liked the Makeraser earlier in this article, you will find this one interesting, too! If you do a lot of 3D printing this one may be a better choice. It’s dubbed the 3D Print Finisher and can smooth multiple objects at the same time. It consists of a small leak proof cabinet in which your 3D printed objects are placed on a small metal base plate with holes. Acetone is poured into a small tray and heated to produce an acetone vapor which moves up into the closed chamber with your 3D printed objects. After about 3 minutes the models are finished and ready to remove. If you want to view this device you can do so here . I like this page because if you are a tinkerer you should be able to make your own chamber for very little money by reading and viewing the photos!

Until next time, happy printing!

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