Prints of the Week 24 Oct 14

Skull With Brains

Hello-ween is upon us again. As such, I am presenting to you this years last chance to prep for this ghoulish day.  This week I have again scoured the web to bring you some cool, yet affordable 3D printable designs for your printing…(((PlEaSuRe!))) This week’s runner-up, is a neat idea and neat print. This Halloween […]

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3D Pens


Happy Hump Day! In today’s blog We look at a few of the 3D pens starting to hit the market or will hit the market in the near future. I have seen the 3D pen headlines several times and have been curious to see these in action.  So, let’s get started! Last year the 3Doodler […]

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Prints of the Week! 17 Oct 14

Skull 8

Happy Friday and welcome to Prints of the Week, a new series that I will be doing each Thursday or Friday. Today’s feature items will focus on the upcoming spooky holiday…Halloween! My first selection is a cool Skull Lantern decoration from Thingiverse. The model is formed as to allow a small glass jar to be […]

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I’m a HUGE Kickstarter Fan!

BubbleGum Skateboard

Good morning everyone. I guess by now if you are reading this blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed I enjoying finding new products which are interesting and related to 3D printers. Today is no different. While surfing the web I can across this article  and video of a really cool self-powered skateboard […]

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