I’m a HUGE Kickstarter Fan!

BubbleGum Electric Skateboard

Good morning everyone. I guess by now if you are reading this blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed I enjoying finding new products which are interesting and related to 3D printers. Today is no different.

While surfing the web I can across this article  and video of a really cool self-powered skateboard being offered on the website, Kickstarter.  The Electric BubbleGum is battery operated, will do 20 mph, and can go 10 miles on 1 charge.  Every kid’s dream!…spare parts are 3D printed, so you don’t have to worry about finding parts for this sidewalk surfer!
Do you enjoy your 3D printer? Is your 3D printer the focal point of your house? When visitors come by to see you, do you take them to see your printer before the kids? If so, you need one of these cool laser cutting machines, Laser Cube!! The applications for this machine are not as impactful as a 3D printer; however, they are right up there as a close second. Check out their video and toss in a few bucks, expected delivery is early next year. You can check out their page and watch their neat video here .

Are you tired of those wires? Is your 3D printer located in a different room or do you want to move it to a nearby room? If so, then you will like this new concept from AstroPrint. It will turn your cell phone or tablet into a printing interface! Now at your fingertips, you can have wireless printing, access from anywhere, cloud slicing, camera support, and online file storage…welcome to the future!! If this intrigues you check out their video and website. This product was a highly successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $40,000.

So, that’s our look at 3D printing for today. I hope you have enjoyed a brief look at tomorrow’s technology on the Kickstarter website. If you decide that you want to start your own innovative product and get started on Kickstarter, let us know! If you find something interesting on the web and think we should see it, please feel free to send us a suggestion.
Well that’s all, Folks! Happy printing.

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