Prints of the Week 24 Oct 14

Skull With Brains

Hello-ween is upon us again. As such, I am presenting to you this years last chance to prep for this ghoulish day.  This week I have again scoured the web to bring you some cool, yet affordable 3D printable designs for your printing…(((PlEaSuRe!)))

This week’s runner-up, is a neat idea and neat print. This Halloween Graveyard Projection. Hopefully, this might inspire you to create your own holiday projections for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New years. I think it’s a GREAT idea because it is creative and can inspire others to create. It does cost $10.26, but you must give the artist some credit…it is a very thoughtful creation.

Next let us take a look at these ghostly prints on Thinginverse. This one is one of my favorite prints.  I have had great success in printing multiple of these ghosts at one time. I’m partial to it, but it’s not my first choice for today because I’ve blogged about it before in the Cool Instructables article.  Also worth mentioning, this ghostly design , is a similar print to the aforementioned ghost, but has been put on a diet!

Lastly, my favorite print for this week will definitely make your trick-or-treaters take notice. This is a multi-print skull and brain that is quite creative and ghoulish! It is also a dual color print that can be done on a single extrusion machine.

I hope you enjoy these prints!  Until next week…ghoulish printing!

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