3D News for 20 Nov 2014

3D Printed Dress
Hello everyone! I hope you are busy behind your computer screens deep in thought about your next 3D printing project. In today’s blog I want to take you to the 3D fashion store. We are going to look at various articles that focus on 3D wearable clothing!

So, where to begin…underpants of course. A Manchester, UK husband and wife team have developed an offshoot 3D technology that essentially sprays layers of latex to create 3D disposable underpants. The process is automated and they boast that 10 million pairs can be created. If you would like to read even more on this process this page has videos and more details…it looks like Victoria Secret may be bringing these sexy designs to a store near you!

If you are into shoe ware you may find Lyf Shoes interesting. They produce an assembly type shoe which minimizes factory workers exposure to harmful glue fumes and can be recycled. They also offer electronics to count your steps which helps determine your calorie burn. However, it may be a while before their products hit the market. These entrepreneurs fell well short of their target goal on Kickstarter only raising 1/7 of their target goal.

Michael Schmidt has designed a fully articulated Fibonacci gown which was printed by Shapeways and modeled by the queen of burlesque, Dita Von Teese. It’s a very intriguing piece which is composed of 17 pieces and seamlessly flows together You can see a video of the actual creative process here on the Shapeways blog at the bottom of the page.

If you enjoy the Kentucky Derby, then you know that everyone must sport a stylish, trendy hat when sipping a cool breezy Mint Julep! At Gabriela Ligenza Hats, they carry a several collections of 3D printed works of art so you can enjoy your Mint Julep while being stylish on the technical edge. You can find this website and ordering information here for your next trip to Derby town!

Today’s blog is in no way a comprehensive look at the 3D clothing industry. However, it’s just a taste of the creative nature of artists and the combination of technology. It’s meant to wet your creative appetite and get you thinking about what you could create if you set your mind to it!

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