Gift Ideas!

Chess Set Good morning 3D printing friends. Since this Friday is the blackest Friday of the year, we are going to take a look at some of the gift ideas that are hitting the market for this year’s upcoming Christmas holiday! As with most of my previous blogs, my focus is to get you to think about what you could design and how creative you can be. Most everyone has owned, played, and has a favorite board game. My favorite is an old book game called Twixt. It’s a two player strategy game in which you try to build a bridge from your side of the board to your opponent’s side of the board. My next favorite game, which is a bit more popular , is Chess. This is a great game for teaching strategy and forcing the brain to think ahead. Additionally, the pieces lend themselves to creativity and variation. This set would make a great Christmas gift for that 3D printing enthusiast in your life. You will find other gifts on this page to thumb through after viewing this great 3D printed set! Construction Set Another great gift idea and a new take on an old classic is the Ingocraft 3D printable construction set. The system is a holistic approach to 3D design and fabrication in which an application (App) is used to design a model and the construction set is then used to create the design. Additional parts will be downloadable, customizable, and printable! How’s that for an imaginative toy? Be sure to watch the video! $1 Platform Print Bed If you are the arts and crafts type person, you might want to create a great gift for that 3D printer in your life. This is a great idea for a platform print bed that is reusable and inexpensive…<$1! And you can purchase all of the necessary supplies from your local Wal-Mart! The total cost of the project will slightly higher than¬†$4, but you will have enough supplies to make 4 platform beds. All of the instructions and parts list can be found here on the Instructables website! Well, until next week, happy printing!

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