Prints of the Week 14 Nov 2014, Let’s Look at Tablet Holders!


This week let’s take a look at a few (more than 3) tablet holders that you can make with your 3D printer. All of these designs are free for down load on Thingiverse. The designs I have chosen are just a few of the more creative designs that I discovered when surfing through their repository. I did not look through every tablet design, but stopped looking when I had found more than I could write about in one blog post. With that said, let’s get down to the meat of this week’s article!

FlowStandOur first pick is the FlowStand For Tablets. It has nice clean lines and can easily be stored in a backpack for travel. It’s a very functional minimalistic design. If you fancy it, please be sure to leave the designer some positive feedback.

OctopusThis next design is a bit leggy, but I’m sure the artist’s sense of humor and creativity will at least amuse you. The Octopus Tablet/Ph
one Stand is a design that will definitely grab the attention of those in your office!

UniversalNext, let us look at the Universal Phone/Table Stand. I chose this one because I have printed it on my printer with a translucent color and it is a great looking device. If you want to see pictures of my actual print and watch it being printed you can see it here.

ClipMy last design choice is a customizable design that can be adjusted for tablets, phones, e-readers, or just about any flat electronic device. The Clip Stand fits on the back of your device to hold it at your desired angle. It is also a very minimalistic type design, very chic if printed in the right media!

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope I have given you something that you can use to stay busy over the weekend.
Until next time, happy printing!

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