Prints of the Week 21 Nov 2014, Thanksgiving!

Well, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are upon us again! So, with the plumping holiday right around the corner, I focus this week’s selections on our most fattening football day of the year. Choices were limited in the Thanksgiving theme, but with a little imagination I’m sure you will find little difficulties seeing the links.

Ta Ta Ta Turkey

Let us start with the obvious, everyone should be having at least 1 cookie for the festive holiday season. So, here are a few cookie cutter designs that you might find interesting. As always, if you find the design worthy, please leave positive feedback for the designer. Our first cutter is a good’ole fashion turkey. In case your holiday visitors would rather have pie, you might want to use this cutter . My last creative cookie choice has little to do with the holiday, but it is an interesting concept…it’s a 3D cookie!



Turkey Coaster

You have guests coming over for the afternoon feast, right? You have a beautiful coffee table and a set of end tables on either side of your couch, right? You know everyone must have an ice-cold beverage when watching their favorite football game, right? So, why not head off any water rings with a holiday coaster.  This design will fit right into your holiday theme!



Words and Letters

Keeping with our customizable item of the week, this last design is a customizable word. You put in the letters that you would like to print and then download the design. So, create your holiday message, print the design, and display.  You are only limited by your imagination!

Until next week, happy printing!

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