Prints of the Week 31 Oct 2014!


Happy Friday and happy (((Holloweeeeeeeeen!))) Although today is spook day of the year, if you have waited until today to find a design to print for tonight, you have likely already decided to decorate for Thanksgiving. So this week’s prints will not be focused on the ghoulish. Instead, I focused on items with no particular theme in mind.

Hence, our first design is simple to print, creative, and useful. The “Out of the Box” design is creative supports to reinforce and repurpose a cardboard box. I really like this design because it gives life to old objects as well as opens the door for more creative aspirations! If you enjoy the design, be sure to leave a friendly comment.

Our second design is a creative take on an old object, a pen holder. This cube  should inspire other shapes and designs and is a neat creation within itself. It should also help you get an upper hand on all those writing utensils floating around your desk!

Finally, our last design is a paid design, however, simple and creative. It’s a universal stand that should be printed in ABS plastic for best results. It’s small, lightweight, and will fit most tablets or phones. If you are looking for inspiration for your designs or need one stand that fits your phone and tablet then you should take a gander at this design!

Well, that sums up this week’s picks. I hope I have given you something useful to print or better, something to inspire your design thoughts and creativity. Until next week…

Happy Printing!

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