The Synergies of 3D Printing and Art

Earth Quake

When one thinks of art and technology they seem to bring separate and very distinct images of each to mind. Art tends to bring to mind the tranquility of painting or modeling clay, whereas, technology may bring the harsh images of factory robots, computers, and circuit boards. 3D printers are now providing today’s artist with a tech/artistic synergistic avenue of expression. Artist are now creating their 3D art work within the technologic computer canvas and bringing their sculpture to life with a 3D printer. This week let’s take a look at some of what is happening in the world of art within our 3D printing community!
I have always found the color and style of street art an interesting art form. I had a friend who had a job traveling the world and who also took an interest in street art. He and his wife would photo and document street art all over the world in hopes of someday writing a book about their adventures collecting their photos. So, in honor of them and in the artists who share their fascination, let’s take a look at what this particular artist is doing to take street art to the next level! This is an article about one artist that is bringing to life 2D street art drawings with a 3D flare!

If you are a fan of Van Gogh, then you may want to see this wonderful 3D creation of his sunflowers from several of his paintings…Sunflowers and The Harvest to name two.

Here is a fun and interesting look and what 3D printers can produce with the synergistic energy of children and their art!

Finally, the last article I found as the MOST interesting piece of artwork. When you first look at this creation it is a curious piece, however, when you realize what is represents and how it does it, this piece becomes an AAAAAHHHAAAA moment!

I hope you have enjoyed our look into the fantastic world of 3D printed artwork. If you or any of your friends have created artwork they would be willing to share, please do so! We would love to see what you are doing with this new technology…maybe you and your 3D printer will be the next Van Gogh!

Until next time, happy printing!


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