12 December, 2014 Picks of the Week!

Happy Friday! In today’s picks of the week we look at 2 Christmas themed prints that are noteworthy. As well as one that might make a perfect Christmas gift for that puzzle solver in your family.


Today’s first pick is a Cute Big LED Glowing Snowman. This is a great design and LED project and should be printed in translucent colors for the best effect. The print is approximately 220mm tall and uses 5 Watt LEDs for the glowing effect. If you appreciate the designer’s efforts please leave positive feedback to show your support!

Piston Puzzle

Next, if you have that ultimate puzzle solver in your family then the Piston Puzzle will be a definite on your printing list! I have the metal version of this puzzle and must say that it is a tough nut to crack. If you like this design, you might think about scaling it up larger for a really impactful gift.

Lastly, staying with the customizable theme and Christmas, this last print design is downloadable as Santa Clause. However, you can create your own with any silhouette picture you can find or make. Just go to Google’s search engine and search for “Christmas silhouette” and thousands of pictures are at your fingertips. Just upload into the Customizer and it will generate a printable file for you!

I hope this prints will keep you busy until next week!  Happy Printing.



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