16 December 2014, News For The Week!

LED Contact Lens

Princeton has developed a process for embedding electronic devices into contact lenses. In their latest venture they have embedded a LED into a 3D printed contact lens. They are trying to show that various materials can be printed and integrated together to produce a new product with synergistic effects. If you would like to learn more, check out this link on medGadget!  Could this be the first step in creating a bionic eye?…

Clear Finish

One of the hurdles that 3D printing faces in the home is the fact that producing a completely clear or transparent product with lesser expensive 3D printers is difficult with filament products currently on the market. Because of the layering nature of 3D printers generally tiny ridges are formed during the printing process which refract light and only allow minimal transparency of FDM 3D type printers. However, there are techniques available for garnering a smooth high gloss finish on your 3D prints. One is to bath your finished print in an Acetone vapor.  This effectively melts the outside of the layers together and generally forms a smooth finish. You can watch this technique in action here and see some of the difficulties associated with this process. One alternative for printing a clear model is t-glass’s new transparent filament combined with XTC-3D. XTC-3D is a spray-on enamel which fills the ridges and makes your thin-walled models transparent if done correctly. If this process interests you, you may want to check out the complete article.


Have you ever been sitting in the doctor’s office in the waiting room with nothing to do but stew over the fact the he/she is wasting YOUR time? Well, now you can pull out your smart phone and create a 3D monster to order! Makerbot has created 8 new apps for various handheld devices that can be run from your phone or tablet and one is My Little Monster App. You begin with a pre-created monster (11 to choose from) and then customize him/her with accessories. After you are finished you can order your creation to be shipped to your home for about $25 (including shipping), and I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that yours will look like your doctor!


Until next time, happy printing!

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