New Products on The Market, December 2014

Well, Turkey day has come and passed. The same with Black Friday and Cyber Monday…today, plain old Tuesday, I bring to you a small sampling of articles with no particular theme, other than I believe you might find them useful or entertaining.


As always, new products tend to tweak everyone’s interests and this one is no different. It fills a need in our area of interest, especially if you have printed with nylon. Nylon has incredible curling characteristics, much more so than ABS. Dima3D has developed a spray adhesive especially for 3D printers with temperature controlled build plates. Dimafix is a sprayed directly on your build plate and increases your print adhesion as long as the build plate is above 50 degrees Celsius. The neat feature of this new adhesive is that once the print is finished and the plate cools below 40 degrees Celsius, the adhesive begins to release and makes it simple to pop off your print!


Necessity is the mother of invention, hence I need non-proprietary electronic devices! Are you tired of the cell phone race? If you own an Apple iPhone are you tired of the proprietary fact you have to buy a new charger cable for your car every time you upgrade your iPhone?…and, what happens to your old phone? Well, Google is developing a new modular type phone so that you can upgrade individual pieces of your phone. If you want to upgrade the camera, you just pop out the old camera and put a new one in! If it’s too slow, then you just pop in a new motherboard and processor! It’s almost like your desktop computer, right? Google’s new phone, the Ara, not only has modular construction, the phone blocks will be 3D printed with the desired customizations of each purchaser. If you want to understand how this mass production is possible, view this article¬†and make sure to watch the video…it’s very informative! If you would like to read more about the Ara and its competition, you can find it here.

Facebook Likes

Lastly, let’s take a look at a new item to hit the market. It’s targeted at small business, but I’m sure we will all want a small version to sit on our desk! A French company has released a 3D printed Facebook “Like” counter dubbed the Fliike. It can set on your countertop or in your window front and shows everyone your Facebook “Likes” count. Maybe a smaller version could be made for desktops and help raise individual’s self-esteem!
Well, that’s the coolest news I’ve seen in the 3D print world for this week. Until next time, happy printing!

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