Picks of the Week 19 Dec 2014

Another Friday is here at last and this is the last weekend before Christmas day! This is will be your last hobby weekend to dedicate yourself to printing for the merriest day of the year. So, this week’s picks of the week are focused on Christmas.

Reindeer Magnet

My first pick is the Reindeer Refrigerator Magnet. This print can be a dual color print, however, if you don’t have a dual extrusion printer don’t fret. Most printers have an option to pause and change filament feature in their firmware that will allow a filament color change in the middle of a print.

Diamond Tree

Pick number 2 is a neat Diamond Tree. This print can be used year round with a color change or you could be a bit more creative and place a multi-colored light under it to change the color. Don’t forget, you can use the scale feature in your software to make different size trees!


If you are running out of Ornaments for your tree and would love to print a few to fill in those gaps, here is a set of 4 ornaments with a simplistic appeal.

Snowman Pull

My last pick of the week will fit into almost any house that has a ceiling fan. It’s a small Snowman Light Pull for your ceiling fan light switch. It will require a little painting if you want it to look like the photo.

Well, that will do it for this week’s picks of the week. I wish you Happy Holidays and…happy printing!

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