This Week’s Picks of the Week 5 Dec 2015

Star Wars

Christmas is right around the corner!!! Have you started putting up your Christmas decorations? Ours are all out in full force. If you don’t have enough decorations, then you have plenty of time to print some on your 3D printer! Over the next several weeks I will be focusing on the Christmas theme as it is the holiday that spreads the most cheer.  This week’s first pick is a double theme, Christmas and Star Wars! If you like both then you will enjoy the Star Wars Flake Plate. A grouping of 5 different snowflakes shaped after you favorite Star Wars character or space ship. How fun is that!!


Light Caps

Next, let’s take a look at Starcaps for your Christmas lights. These are little coverings for you Christmas lights on your tree that are shaped like stars. You slip them over your bulbs and they snap into place on most generic sets of lights. I’m sure with a little adjustment you can get them to fit most sets of lights.


Cookie Cutters

Are you ready for Santa? Do you have his special treats ready to go? If not, then you might want to get your cookie dough rolled out and use these cookie cutters. They are a bit more creative than most other cutters on Thingiverse. They have a few more crafty details designed into them and make wonderful, creative cuts.

I hope this week’s choices will keep you busy over the weekend. Please be sure to leave positive feedback for the designers and if you print one please leave a comment with pictures on our blog we love to see what you’re doing! Until next time, happy printing.

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