2015 Consumer Electronics Show is Now in Session!!

2015 CES

According to Lyndsey Gilpin at TechRepublic, there seemed to be 5 notable trends shaping up 2015’s CES. Simpler design software, which I know everyone will appreciate!! New filaments for an every growing demand to simulate “other than plastic” looks and feel. The 3D technology focus is shifting a bit to the small business sector as well as 3D printing in the classroom. Lastly, 3D printable wearables are becoming more wearable! You can read the entire article on the TechRepublic website.


Some of the developmental highlights from the show was the 3Doodler 2.0 and a new more affordable 3Doodler (%50 the cost of the previous one). The new version is half the weight of the original and 25% smaller. Other 3D printing companies, Leapfrog, Ultimaker, and several others displayed expanded product lines or new items. Spectrom and 3D Systems displayed new color printing systems. If you care to read the full article you can find many more details here.


Outside of the CES vision, one new product I ran across this week which warrants a mention is the new BuzzBox. This is a specialized enclosure for small printers which will help to keep the print area’s temperatures up and help to prevent warping in PLA and ABS plastics.

To be honest, what I read on the net, the CES didn’t really seem to bring any new ideas to the market.  Just bigger or smaller old ones.  Anyway, we are just beginning the new year…maybe Apple will surprise us this year…

Happy Printing!!


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