Happy New Years!

Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a great holiday and you were able to accomplish all of your printing projects for the holidays. This week I begin with a look at a few “how to” projects that may interest you as well as one article on upcoming technology for the New Year.


The first project I want to pass along to you is available on Thingiverse  and is an Open-Source 3D printed laser cutter and engraver that you can create. This device is a fully operational laser and precautions should be taken such as protective glasses and fume/dust removal. You can read more about this device here as well as see the device in action. The machine’s creator has his own blog where you can discuss any ideas that you may have. As always, if you find the design useful please leave him positive feedback.

LED Sign

If you are able to create your laser etcher from above this article may interest you, too. Once you learn to etch glass or acrylic, then you may want to create a LED sign stand for your etched creation.  Although this article is not a “how to” article or project, the pictures can give you an idea of how to proceed to create your own light base as well as what it might look like. I created a light base for this acrylic skull that we now use every Halloween.  It houses the battery box for the LEDs and they shine up through the skull making it glow.

Friction Welding

Next I want to share with you a tip for your 3D prints that break or just fail to print properly. This article and video discusses and demonstrates how to use your Dremel tool to friction weld PLA and ABS parts together.  This is a must view for every 3D print hobbyist…very cool!

Lastly, an unprecedented 3D capture device and application should make it to the iPad this year! Etron Technology announced recently that they will unveil OK360 and ThingCapture 3D at the International CES this week! It’s an add-on small module platform 3D scanner which works with ThingCapture 3D to capture files with incredible detail.

So, in summary…create your laser cutter and etcher, make your etch and 3D print your LED base. If you need to weld it together, use your Dremel tool! Once you are complete with that you can 3D capture your creation for posterity sake! Welcome to 2015!!

Until next time, happy printing!

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