News for 28 Jan 2015

In today’s blog I hope to bring to you a few more informative articles that will make your 3D printing experience more enjoyable. In this article we take a brief look at a filament comparison article, some new filament entering the market, and a flashlight that will last up to 20 years!

Performance, Quality, and Process

3D Printing Industry has done a great article comparing 11 of the more popular PLA filament companies. They grade 3 different areas…performance, quality, and process, and they have arranged the information in a useful easy to read chart. Each category is graded A-C and conclusions are included within the table. The competitors are not ranked, but it’s obvious which one received top marks!

Glowing Bottle Opener

Are you tired of changing batteries in your flashlight just to have them run out again in a month? Well, a bright Greece based maker has developed a neat bottle opener which can be purchased on Etsy for about $64 and will glow in the dark for 20 years. The bottle opener is made from stainless steel and bronze and is quite an attractive device.  It will make for lots of conversation at your next party…and, it’s radioactive!

Carbon Fiber Filament

The last article I would like to bring to you is from the Fabbaloo  website and they cover 2 new really potentially useful new filaments. One is a super strong carbon fiber filament and the other is a conductive filament. As more and more conductive filament come to market and you find that you want to try them you will need to use a dual extrusion printer, much like our Imaginator 3D!

Well, that is all for this week. I hope you can find at least one article that interests you until Friday when I publish the weekly prints of the week. Until then, happy printing!

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