Prints of the Week…30 Jan 2015

Well, Friday is upon us again and that brings us into another 3D print design pick of the week. This week has no particular theme, hence, these designs are ones that bare little in common outside of just being kind of cool or fun to print and assemble.


The first pick of this week is the 3D Printed Wall Clock With Lots of Colors. It uses colored pencils, a clock mechanism, hot glue gun, and of course…your 3D printer! This is definitely a kid friendly project, so make sure to check it out. If you need to customize the clock mechanism base don’t forget that you can upload .stl files to Tinkercad and make adjustments!


As you might remember I’m a huge fan of re-purposing items that are on the throw away list, and what better thing to throw away than empty 2 liter soda bottles? I have been pestering my kids for a year, trying to get them to come up with some idea to use these old bottles. Oferorgal has developed a great idea for these and you can print it with very little effort! She designed a Plastic Bottle Plant Hook which uses the plastic bottle as a planter!!

Spooooooky Switch

Last into the print hopper is the Frankenstein Light Switch Plate. Every monster movie fan will absolutely need one of these printed!!
As always, if you find that any of these designs contribute to our hobby, please make sure to leave positive feedback for the designer. That’s all the designers receive in compensation. Until next week, happy printing!

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