Prints of the Week…FPV!

Quad Copter

What is First Pilot Video?  Find out here.

Watch recorded flights of FPV video here.

Happy Friday!! Today, I want to take a special look at designs that may come in handy for FPV. First Person Video (FPV) is a new growing hobby within the Remote Control (RC) community whereby you place a small camera on your RC aircraft, car, or boat and a 1.2Ghz-5.8Ghz transmitter. You then fly/drive using a set of VR goggles to actually feel like you are in the RC craft. If you are unfamiliar with the concept this link will take you to a video series on YouTube that will give you a quick rundown.

If you are not currently able to fly RC aircraft, I recommend that you start this hobby with a RC car or truck. Then find a local flying field in your area and they will be more than happy to teach you to fly. Most local hobby stores can tell you where the local flying field is located.

Mount Your Stuff On Your Ground Station

The first design I ran across for this week is a set of items for mounting your ground equipment to your ground station. You may need to modify the design to fit your need and Tinkercad is just the website to fit that need., not the Mellow Mushroom!

The next item that warrants a look at is the 1.3 GHz MadMushroom Antenna Transport Protector Cover. These antennas are expensive, but very good, and you would not want one to get bent during transport. Also, if you are running a different frequency, I’m sure the scale feature on Makerware can get you in the ballpark for your size antenna.

Can you say skew planar 3 times fast?

Okay, the last item for our “build your own antenna” fans is the Skew Planar 5.8 Ghz Antenna soldering jig. I have not as of yet, built my own antenna, but will begin within the next several months. If you have ever done much soldering then you know that you not only need a third hand, but 8 would be most helpful. So any device that can hold your soldering work seems to me to be a prize possession.

As always, if you print and find these design useful, please leave positive feedback for the designer as this is the only payment they will receive. Until next time…Happy Printing!!

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