This Week In The News 21 Jan 2015

Lego Me!

Good morning everyone! I hope your week is going well and you are fast printing the next headline for your feature in the 3D Printing Industry blog. Today I did not feature any particular theme, just those articles I found interesting. If you would like to suggest a topic, please do!
Let’s kick this week off with a look at the ten most viewed articles from last week on 3D Printing Industry. These articles are the ones that most interest their readers and can give you a small insight into the interests of others in the 3D printing arena. Some of last week’s headlines include “Senvol Releases the First and Only, Free Searchable Database for Industrial 3D Printing,” “3D Print Your Own 3D Scanner,” and one that should really pique your interest “Is the Cubejet Full-Color 3D Printer On its Way?”

Count Me

How much filament do you have left on your spoo? Do you have enough to finish that print you currently have running? It would be handy if you had a good guess, right? Well, you can find a partial answer within this article. Additionally, if you want to make a filament counter for your printer you can do so for about $100, which seems a bit pricy; however, the creator is working on version 2 which will be much less expensive!

Who doesn't love Legos?

How many of you have played with Legos as a kid or have kids that played with Legos? A curious new simplified design software was suggested in a Youtube video, recently. The video suggests that you build your model with Legos and the software creates a 3D model rendered for printing. It’s dubbed Lego X and you can read the article here , however, I highly suggest the video!

Slice of Pi?

As I have a background in electronics, I have always been drawn to the Raspberry Pi. It is a very inexpensive computer board with quite a lot of computing power. So, I am always looking for the newest Raspberry Pi creation and this article brings together the Raspberry Pi with the 3D printer in a synergistic way! Photon Elephant has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for a Software Development Kit (SDK) which will allow 3D printers to use the Raspberry Pi and become the driving computer behind your 3D printer. Hence, the 3D printer will be a fully self-contained 3D printer…on board slicing , onboard wi-fi, as well as other onboard features. Read the full article here .

Well, that about does it for this week in the news. As always, if you have any suggestions or information you would like to share, please do. Until Friday, happy printing!


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