Prints of the Week…6 Feb 2015

Yeah!!! Another Friday is here and I hope that you have a print list lined up for the weekend. As always, I have lined up a few items I thought you might find fun or interesting as a weekend project. There is no particular theme this week or next; however, if there is a particular you would like to see in the future, please make a comment below.

Battery Connector
This week’s first pick is for those Remote Control (RC) enthusiast out there. The XT60 Male Connector design is a next generation battery plug that I think will likely replace the difficult to use, but preferred, Dean’s plug. The XT60 is much easier to solder and to pull apart than the Dean’s plug.

Wine Holder

Next on my list is a neat design most of you have probably encountered at your local wine shop. Most are made from wood, but you can have yours look anyway you want! The Balancing Wine Holder is an interesting device to display you favorite bottle of wine or bubbly. Don’t forget, you can upload the .stl file and customize this design with your initials or your favorite silhouette picture!

MMMMmmmm Jelly Beans!

Finally, our last design is The Jelly Bean Dispenser. I can remember as a kid the old gumball machine you could buy that would dispense a gumball at will. The Jelly Bean Dispenser is a variation that doesn’t take a penny but still rewards you with a valuable treat!

That wraps up this week for Prints of the Week.  I hope you have found something fun to print for the weekend.  If so, please leave the designers positive feedback as this is the only payment they receive.  Until next week, happy printing!

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