News for 11 Feb 15

Hi everyone, I hope your week is moving right along. In today’s news articles I point you toward news worthy events about newly updated software, a new 3D print community, and a birdhouse that changes color when it’s occupied!

Scary Multi-Arm Thingy!

Lets briefly discuss the new Mixmesher update! If you are not familiar with this software, you should take some time and at the very least learn about the analyze and support functions that this program provides. It is invaluable in successfully printing without supports provided in the Makerware software. The newly released update integrates the Autodesk123D suite and now works with 123D Catch!

Print something and make a $$

PrintThis4Me is a new community much like Shapeways or Pinshape, however, this new website community offers a bidding process whereby those with printers bid on projects needed by those who don’t have a 3D printer.

Look!  Someone is home!

Our last news article is a neat twist on a printable birdhouse design. It’s a visually appealing design and when combined with thermo-sensitive filament you can always know when you have a visitor!

If see any interesting articles out there on the web, please drop the link into the comments section. We love to have input from our readers! Until Friday, happy printing.

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