News for 4 Feb 2015

Welcome to the weekly news for the first week in February! This week I have found some really cool articles that will definitely tweak your interests. As we approach the anniversary of Marty McFly’s arrival date, 21 October, 2015, Hendo is fast approaching the release of their hover board. It’s not as agile as Marty’s, but could be the first step toward a viable technology for the future. Also, I take you to the classroom for an interesting look at what some teachers are actually getting students to design, very impressive!


The first interesting article to ponder is the Student 3D Prints Incredible Functional Gearbox in One Piece. This is article is about a teacher which challenges his class with a project and one student accomplished the task brilliantly with a working moving, one print model!

Fancy Smancy

If footwear is your game, you definitely want to check out Delcam CRISPIN’s 3D Footwear Design Software! ShoeMaker combines 3D printing with the shoe world for a comfortable shoe with YOUR creative 3D flair!

HOVER BOARD...Booyah!!

Saving the best for last, the hover board could actually be coming to a toy store near you later this year. Hendo ran a Kickstarter campaign last year to raise over $500,000 and is shooting for 21 Oct of this year (the arrival date of Marty McFly into the future!) release date for their fully functioning hover board. Make sure to view the video and read how 3D printing has sped up the developing process of this new product.

These are among the articles that thought you might find interesting. Please feel free to submit other other articles you find interesting in the comments section. If you would like a topic covered please let us know and we will do our best to fill that need.

Until next time, happy printing!

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