Print of Week 20 Feb 15

Vrrrrrrm!!! This week’s picks are going to be a kick in the pants. I have spread the picks across several areas of interests and I hope you enjoy the variety.

Vrrrrrmmmmm Harley Engine

Let’s begin by saddling up that hog and heading down the highway! This print, XLH 1000 Harley Davidson Engine, will be a perfect trophy for all you “Wild Hogs!” It is a multiple print design which should be a good weekend project for you and that junior hog rider.

Cloverleaf Cap

These two designs, 5.8Ghz Cloverleaf and Case for Antenna, are for all the First Person Video (FPV) junkies out there. Both designs are similar and do the same thing, protect 5.8 Ghz antenna, but are slightly different. Take a gander at both and determine which one would fit your needs best and print away!

Yarn Bowl

Finally, our last design is a neatly designed Spiral Yarn Bowl. This bowl is designed to hold and deliver yarn in a decorative manner. The description recommends printing the bowl with support material. This would be a great design to run through Meshmixer and see what pops out after the analysis!

That wraps up this week’s picks. I hope you have enough designs to keep you busy over the weekend. If not, drop one of these designs into Tinkercad and have at it!! Happy printing.

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