What’s in the News For 18 Feb 15?

Cool Printing!!!  Graphene

A few articles back I mentioned a story on Graphene and how an infused filament could print electronic circuits. Well, in a step forward a group at Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute has developed a graphene oxide material which results in a pure graphene print when extruded!   The advantage of printing a pure graphene material is that it will retain much of its physical properties, strength and weight, that is lost when it’s mixed with a secondary substance such as plastic for 3D printing.  Unfortunately, it may be a few years before this new product hits the market.

Odorless and Transparent

When you print ABS does the odor bother you? Well FormFutura has introduced a new ABS plastic filament which they claim to be odorless as well as transparent. FormFutura claims that 90% of light will pass through its new product. This will definitely be on my “gotta try” list!

Go Go Golf Trainer!

3D printing is even making it into the golf circuit! If you are golfer and need help with your putting as well as help with the new PGA rule (not supporting putter with your belly, virtually eliminating the Belly Putter) then the new In-Sync 3D Putting trainer may be for you. Each putting trainer is customized from a 3D scan and if you want to get one for yourself, 3D MedScan, the creators of the device, will be attending the 2015 Golf Expo in Denver!

So, hopefully, one of these articles will tweak your interest and send you in a direction seeking or creating. As always, if you have any suggestions please comment below.

Happy printing!

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