Imaginator Blog News for 4 March, 2015

Happy Hump Day! Today, I have found for you a variety of interesting topics to stimulate your creative nature! Competition is a great way to motivate and spark your creative side, and Makerbot has a new challenge to do just that. Additionally, Autodesk opens up their software package, Memento, to the public. Lastly, one of my favorite sites, Kickstarter, has launched a campaign for The Virtual Foundry to help in funding a filament that is truly metallic!

Makerbot Challenge

On February 26th, Makerbot launched their Firstbuild Countertop Challenge sponsored by GE 1B Firstbuild.  The challenge is to fill your empty countertop space with something useful and creative. First place will receive a Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D (5th Gen) Printer or a Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental Printer. If you are interested jump over to the Makerbot website and drop your name in the hat. The last day to upload your design is Sunday, March 14, by 11:59PM EST. Make sure to read the official rules!

Memento Photo

For those of you who have read my earlier blogs, I have mentioned a web-based software package named Autodesk123D Catch. This software will allow you to upload a limited amount of photos and will generate a 3D model which can be editable and printed on your 3D printer. Memento Beta is very similar and could be considered the bigger brother to Autodesk123D Catch. It will allow up to 250 photos and provides more tools to manipulate and edit your model. If you enjoyed Catch, make sure to give Memento Beta a try if you need more definition.

Anvils of Plastic!

Last but not least is a Kickstart campaign for a company that is truly trying to take filament into the metallic age. The Virtual Foundry has developed a plastic filament for desktop printers they claim is 85% pure metal and according to the photos, it does in fact look more like true metal than any other product I have tested…but then again, it is 85% metal! If you are interested in making costume jewelry or have a product that needs that metal look and feel, you may want to jump on board their campaign!

I hope these small tidbits will whet your appetite and get you on the road for a creative week. lf you have found a website or software you find particularly interesting or useful, please drop us a comment and maybe we will feature it in a video or on the blog! Until next week, Happy Printing!

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