Imaginator News for 25 Mar 2015

Hi everyone, it’s again time to see if we can find an interesting article in the news for this week! Several items I found interesting include a hybrid which not only acts as an additive manufacturing machine (3D printer), but also as a subtractive manufacturing (milling) machine. Also, Taulman 3D has yet another new filament with a characteristic of pure strength! Lastly, for the Star Wars’ fans out there a downloadable version of R2D2.

Lazzzzzer Etcher, Mill machine!!

As a hobbyist I have always tried to maximize my dollar by minimizing the number of tools I have to purchase. For example, I love my Dremel tool because I can purchase various attachments to it for various purposes and don’t have to buy a standalone device to do a particular job. BoXZY has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a machine that can mill aluminum and softer materials, laser cut and engrave, as well as 3D print. If you want to read more, here is the link  and if you want to see it on Kickstarter just click here.

Taulman's 910

Taulman has developed a new filament and they are touting that it has the highest strength of any co-polyester at 8,100 psi. It has a working range temperature of 95 degrees C, very little shrinkage, and great chemical resistance. You can find the article here and it gives the printing parameters including bed temperatures with or without heat and PVA glue. I’m putting this filament on my wish list!!


So, are you a Star Wars fan? Do you have your very own R2D2 robot? If not, and you want one, this article could be for you. James Bruton has created a full size R2D2 3D printed design which you can download from Github. See pictures and read more about the author’s story here .

Well, those are the most fascinating stories I have bumped into on the net this week. If you have some you would like to share, be sure to post the links or drop us an email and we will post them for you. We are always interested in any input from our audience, so please leave us some feedback. Until next time, happy printing!

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