Imaginator Prints of The Week, 27 Feb 15

Well, Christmas was yesterday and now Easter is upon us! My, how time flies. On that note, you might think our theme for today might be Easter…well, not completely. I have one interesting and fun print to share the holiday spirit with you, but not all of our prints today are themed! If you are a project and creative person I have found an interesting open source project to create a homemade 3D scanner! Lastly, spring is here and will be over before you know it. Your youngsters will be exiting school for the summer and some will even be graduating, so I picked a neat print that might be fun for them to have!

Hollow Easter Egg

‘Tis the season to see everyone’s favorite candy giving bunny that lays eggs! Hence, here is a great design for your bunny to drop off. This is a screw top Easter egg that can be customized by changing filament colors during the build process. So, what colors do you want your egg to have?

Ciclop 3D Scanner

Wow! What a cool open source project. The Ciclop is a table top 3D scanner that you can make at home. You can watch the build video here which is a neat cinematographic feat in itself! Or take a peek at the exploded view with the parts list here. DIWO the organization releasing the project has also released software, Horus, to control Open Source 3D scanners and can be found here. If you are wanting to have a 3D scanner, this is something that truly needs your attention as it is very well done.

2015 Graduation

Lastly, with spring always comes the end of the school year! Hence, many of your youngsters will hit a mile stone and graduate. This design would be a great addition to their menagerie of school memorabilia and you have plenty of time to get the perfect print ready for presentation!

Of these three designs I hope that one will fill your weekend with creativity. If you favor one of these designs, please leave positive feedback as this is the only form of payment the creators seek and drop us a comment and picture if you decide to print one.

Until next week, Happy Printing!!

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