Imaginator Print’s of The Week 6 Mar 2015

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been as full of printing as mine! I have selected a few designs that I thought might interest you for the weekend. I have one print for the seamstress, one print for the 3D printing adventurer, and one for the candy lover!

Go Go Gadget...FOOT!

The first print may not necessarily work for you, but I present it to show what can be done to bridge the 3D printer to the sewing community. This particular Beading Foot may not fit your machine; however, it should give you an idea how you might create one that will fit your machine. I recommend if you want to start creating designs for yourself, to look into Tinkercad or Autodesk123D design. You will find tutorial videos on our site or on our YouTube channel.

Taulman Spool Holder

For those 3D adventures out there trying different types of filament in your 3D printers, you may have run across the Taulman brand of filaments. If so, you know that the spools are much smaller than the normal filament rolls. Hence, this Taulman Nylon Spool Holder may be just what you need to help feed those exotic filaments into your 3D printer. If you are an adventurer and using these types of filament, make sure you check with your manufacturer before putting these through your machine. They may void your warranty.

Yum Yum!

Finally our last print is something every kid should have!…It’s a Lollipop Dispenser! It’s a 3 part print that can be extended larger if the short tube is not enough to quench your sweet tooth.

That’s all for this week. I hope these will keep you busy until next week. If you like the designs please leave the creators some positive feedback. If you print one of these, please submit a comment and picture so we can add it to the blog! Until next week…Happy Printing!

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