News for 14 Apr 2015

Happy Hump Day! Another week is upon us and it’s time to see what fascinating items are in the news for this week. Articles for this week include the synergistic effects of balsa and the 3D printing world. Combining the 3D printer with an already established media to create something completely new is an area that I believe will excel the 3D printer within the home buyer’s market.

Go Go RC Airplane!
If remote control (RC) models are your primary hobby then you likely understand the necessity for a 3D printer. There is no feeling quite as grand as when you need a special part for your quadcopter, aircraft, or RC car and you can just set down at the drafting board (computer), draw the part, and then bring it to life in the real world. Hence, OpenRC Swift is just that. It’s an open source synergistic RC aircraft project created by a Canadian engineer which combines 3D printed wing and fuse parts to create a balsa, printed plastic, and carbon fiber flying wing. It’s a very clean design and the 3D printed parts give a very finished appearance to the final product. Be sure to check out the Open RC Project website, there are lots of cool toys!

Bluetooth Gamepad

Are you a tablet junky? Do you spend more time playing Candy Crush than time in the office? Well, if so, then you must have your very own custom 3D printed wireless gamepad! Adafruit, another website similar to Instructables, has published a do it yourself Bluetooth game pad project. You can purchase the electronic parts from them, assemble and then 3D print a custom case in which to encase it! The electronic components are very straight forward, but will require and intermediate soldering skills and the project is not considered a beginner’s project. However, with persistence and patience this project is very doable. The case and associated parts can be downloaded from Thingiverse. Be sure to check out the Adafruit website because it offers a wide range of projects which include parts lists that can be purchased directly from them and they are very reasonably priced…it’s a really cool site!

Just Plain Creative!  :)

How many of you have that last little bit of filament setting on your roll, but you know it’s not enough to complete most projects? Well, if so then check out what Lily Jackson is doing with her leftovers! You can find her Instrucables here which will walk you through how to create your very own custom jewelry. If you like what she is doing be sure to leave her some feedback!

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