The Imaginator 3D Team is made up of a mix of tech enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds: Arts and Crafts (Cliff Wallach), Remote Control Products (David Weas), Embroidery and Quilting (Kathi Quinn, Darlene Pollard, and more), all who love to push the limits of their creativity by embracing new technologies.

3D printing on the consumer level is in its infancy, and we are all excited to be a driving force, along with our customers, in where it might go in the future! As new software tools, new filament materials, new imagined possibilities emerge, we are going to be communicating this information to our customers, and we are hoping to often be on the leading edge of these innovations. We believe that the combination of the dual extruders and the heated build plate of this first Imaginator 3D printer give it the versatility and strength to be incredibly useful throughout this revolution in new limits, and this is why we decided to bring this machine to market first.

Our expectation is that 5 years from now and beyond, this machine will be a workhorse of the industry and will outlast many other 3D printers that are being thrown onto the market.

THANK YOU for trusting RNK Distributing and our Imaginator 3D® Team to be your guides into this exciting new area of BUILDING … we are looking forward to working with you to build your dreams and those of your family and friends as we continually push the limits of what can be done with 3D printing together!