News for 11 Feb 15


Hi everyone, I hope your week is moving right along. In today’s news articles I point you toward news worthy events about newly updated software, a new 3D print community, and a birdhouse that changes color when it’s occupied! Lets briefly discuss the new Mixmesher update! If you are not familiar with this software, you should […]

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3D News for 20 Nov 2014

3D Printed Dress

Hello everyone! I hope you are busy behind your computer screens deep in thought about your next 3D printing project. In today’s blog I want to take you to the 3D fashion store. We are going to look at various articles that focus on 3D wearable clothing! So, where to begin…underpants of course. A Manchester, […]

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Beginner’s Corner

Imaginator 3D

Hello again and welcome. Today, I want to address those of you out there that are new to the 3D printing world. Whether you have a new 3D printer or are contemplating a new purchase, I put together this week’s blog just for you! In this article you will find links to various websites and […]

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