Prints of The Week…23 Jan 2015


Good morning everyone and happy Friday! In this week’s design picks I have ran across two Instructable designs and one from Thingiverse. There is not a particular theme this week, however, I just thought these designs were either interesting or would be useful for you. The first design is from Thingiverse and took me back […]

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Prints of the Week…FPV!


What is First Pilot Video? ¬†Find out here. Watch recorded flights of FPV video here. Happy Friday!! Today, I want to take a special look at designs that may come in handy for FPV. First Person Video (FPV) is a new growing hobby within the Remote Control (RC) community whereby you place a small camera […]

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Happy New Years!

Friction Weld

Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a great holiday and you were able to accomplish all of your printing projects for the holidays. This week I begin with a look at a few “how to” projects that may interest you as well as one article on upcoming technology for the New Year. The first project […]

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3D Printing News 31 Dec 2014


It’s a new week, and a new year is right around the corner. I hope Santa brought you all those wonderful 3D printers or accessories that you wanted. Now, let’s look at a few upcoming stories that may put those new toys to work for you! Makerbot has released a new version of its PrintShop […]

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3D Printing News 24 Dec 2014

Derby the Dog

Well, Christmas is almost here so let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas. This week’s blog looks at interesting articles that take us into the world of articulated 3D printed parts as well as a touching video of a big-hearted handicapped puppy dog. If you read my blog often then you know I […]

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Picks of the Week 19 Dec 2014


Another Friday is here at last and this is the last weekend before Christmas day! This is will be your last hobby weekend to dedicate yourself to printing for the merriest day of the year. So, this week’s picks of the week are focused on Christmas. My first pick is the Reindeer Refrigerator Magnet. This […]

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16 December 2014, News For The Week!

Monster Image

Princeton has developed a process for embedding electronic devices into contact lenses. In their latest venture they have embedded a LED into a 3D printed contact lens. They are trying to show that various materials can be printed and integrated together to produce a new product with synergistic effects. If you would like to learn […]

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12 December, 2014 Picks of the Week!


Happy Friday! In today’s picks of the week we look at 2 Christmas themed prints that are noteworthy. As well as one that might make a perfect Christmas gift for that puzzle solver in your family. Today’s first pick is a Cute Big LED Glowing Snowman. This is a great design and LED project and […]

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