What is 3D printing and how does it work?
A 3D printer is considered additive manufacturing. Whereas almost all mass production manufacturing is a subtractive process where plastic or metal pieces are usually molded and then cut away from their shell, 3D printers eject only the plastic needed to create a plastic part.

The 3D printer actually works much like a standard printer. The only difference is the platform moves down after each pass of the print carriage. The print software slices the 3D design into many horizontal slices. It then sends each horizontal slice (in the order from bottom to top) to the printer and then moves to the next slice.

What can I make with my Imaginator 3D?
Here are twelve things to make with your new Imaginator:

  1. Mold creation
  2. Custom 3D Art Creation
  3. Jewelry Creation
  4. Replace broken household and automobile objects, knobs, covers, etc. or customize them
  5. Small electronics covers and boxes, Raspberry Pi, cell phone, circuit boards
  6. Robot, remote control, railroad hobby creation
  7. Custom cookie cutter creation
  8. Custom tool making
  9. 3D prototype creation
  10. Custom toys and figurines
  11. Custom Christmas ornaments, Halloween costumes (body parts, masks, and props)
  12. Custom company logos, team logos, school logos

What kind of plastic filament can I use?

The Imaginator works best with PLA plastic; however, since the build plate is heated, unlike other machines, it will print with ABS, too!

Where can I download designs?
Free Design Sites

Paid Design Sites (with some free files)