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Watch our 3D printer time lapse build a large gear for an electric mountain board with 3D Best Carbon Fiber filament.  We used an additional glass plate, small binder clips, Elmer’s Stick Glue, and steel nozzle which can be purchased from Amazon (links below).

Carbon Fiber filaments are stronger, sturdier, and more dimensionally stable than their base material.  These filaments work great for making prototype parts that are under a lot of pressure, tension, or strain such as gears.  Carbon fiber filaments should be printed with a dedicated stainless steel nozzle.  This filament will kill a brass nozzle within a few prints.

Temperatures and Bed Prep:

Extruder:     255 C
Bed Temp: 100 C
Bed Prep: Glass with Elmer’s Glue Stick
Speed: 50 mm/sec