5 Fun Projects For The Classroom

No classroom can utilize a 3D printer without fun projects to motivate the learning process.  Below you will find five fun projects for various ages and links to videos for the educational foundation supporting the project.  The last project, Color Pistol For Light Painting, is a more advanced project, but covers many areas of science […]

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Picks of the Week 19 Dec 2014


Another Friday is here at last and this is the last weekend before Christmas day! This is will be your last hobby weekend to dedicate yourself to printing for the merriest day of the year. So, this week’s picks of the week are focused on Christmas. My first pick is the Reindeer Refrigerator Magnet. This […]

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Prints of the Week! 17 Oct 14

Skull 8

Happy Friday and welcome to Prints of the Week, a new series that I will be doing each Thursday or Friday. Today’s feature items will focus on the upcoming spooky holiday…Halloween! My first selection is a cool Skull Lantern decoration from Thingiverse. The model is formed as to allow a small glass jar to be […]

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